garvemason (garvemason) wrote in dailygrindooc,

~Intro Post

Hi all *waves* I'm Jess. When this comm originally started I was a player here, but life and commitments got in the way and I had to drop out. However now thats all died down and I'm really hoping to get into the role play.

My character is called Garve Mason, he's an undeclared freshman (almost done with the year though) at Providence College, who has just started work at the Daily Grind as a bus boy. Hes 18 going on 19, can fit in between the arty crowds & the popular crowds quite easily, but is essentially a loner. His passions are art & photography, but he's looking a majoring in either Law or Psychology.

I'm going to update his profile a bit later on (I'm about to start tutoring) but I just wanted to get this introduction down and possibly ask for any sort of... summary, or what characters fit in where? And also to see if anyone wants to bounce plot ideas for their characters with me (and Garve, obviously)

I'm looking forward to rping with you all!
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