Zack Ross (zack_ross) wrote in dailygrindooc,
Zack Ross

Disappearing Explination

Sorry about disappearing there for awhile, guys! I didn't have internet access for awhile and well...

And now I'm having troubles with one of my roommates. I don't have a job (cause I stupidly quit my other one before finding a new one) and I might not be making rent, which will turn into me getting my name signed off the lease and probably moving in with my boyfriend.

If that does end up happening, I might have to drop the RP til later cause...I most def can't use my computer (you should see the screen... omg it looks like an acid trip I swear XD) and I won't be able to get a new one for awhile and...yeah... O_o

I dunno, it's all complicated and I dunno WHAT might happen or whatever, soooo for now, I'll be around as much as possible, and I'll keep ya'll updated on my situation if/when things change. Cause yeah I'll def not be able to get online if I move in with my boyfriend. Too much time will be spent looking for a job & with him, so haha

Anyway, that's what's going on at the moment, so yeah...
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