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[Insert Amusing Subject Heading Here.]

Why, yes, this is one of those "ohai" posts. I'd been toying with the idea of signing up here for a bit and just finally got around to it, so I'm looking forward to roleplaying with you all!

I bring with me: Scarlett, the ferocious environmentalist and advocate for animal rights. We're talking strict vegan who joins as many protests as she can and has been tossed in the pen more than once. If she comes off pretentious, petty, and overdramatic, that's because she is. Not to make a comment on fierce environmentalists--God knows we need 'em--that's just the way Scarlett operates. 

I seem to have popped up in the middle of a major plot. Whoops. If anyone can get me up to speed, I'd be in your pocket. Otherwise, if anyone needs to contact me, my aim is keepmydemonatbay. Can't wait to write with everyone! 

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